Frequently Asked Questions


Every designer has a preferred style – what’s your style?

I love structure, order and formality in a garden, balanced with an appropriate level of fluidity or surprise. Well resolved garden design needs good strong bones and for this reason I’m a great lover of 'timeless' gardens. They have a sense of simplicity that works really well for all types of architecture, whether your wanting a contemporary or classic look and feel.  It will better serve your home’s architecture in the long term.

Can I mix some contemporary, ‘on-trend’ elements within an otherwise ‘timeless’ garden?

Absolutely, I liken this to updating the soft furnishings inside your home. Garden accessories, such as pots, furniture and focal vignettes are great ways to add a contemporary flavour to a timeless garden design. We have several ‘on trend’ elements in our otherwise quite structured and formal garden, it complements and freshens a period or older home perfectly.

What is the difference between a landscape architect and a garden designer?

Whilst both a landscape architect and a garden designer might have an innate love for design, a landscape architect has completed a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at university, or similar university qualification. I obtained my qualification at the University of Western Australia (UWA), where landscape architecture was taught in conjunction with architecture. The national body representing the profession is the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA). 

I am looking for an exterior stylist – do you offer this service?

Absolutely! I will meet you on site to discuss the space and your styling requirements in detail. At this stage we will also confirm your budget. Once you are happy that the brief meets your needs I will set about sourcing beautiful pieces that not only compliment your garden or alfresco but work with the interior style of your home as well. I know more than a few stunning suppliers! Styling services are engaged on an hourly rate and you will receive a time estimate prior to commencing.

Do you work directly with builders and property developers?

Yes – this was part of my previous life! In this instance your projects’ objectives are quite different from that of a home owner. As a builder or developer you want an experienced designer to provide you with a stunning, yet robust design that sells your product. 

You’ll also want a designer with a strong commercial aptitude. This is where my years of project management experience and time in the corporate world come in handy! I have worked in-house with Lend Lease, Lensworth (now Stockland) and as a consultant for many others, so I understand the commercial realities of these sorts of projects. 

Delivering exceptional projects requires the combined efforts of its team – and the best part of working on great projects is doing it with others!